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Monica Attia


My Story

Nice to meet you! My name is Monica Attia.

As a first-generation Egyptian-American woman with both ADHD and autism, I am no stranger to feeling (generally) out of place. And that definitely included all things food and body image. My younger self struggled with the constant pressure to conform to contradicting cultures, expectations, and ideals. I was convinced that if I just found the “perfect diet” and had a “perfect body,” that I would finally find acceptance. 

Ironically, I found meaningful connection through embracing my neurodiversity and nourishing myself in the ways that I needed. It’s now my life’s mission as a therapist to support and celebrate other neurodiverse individuals as they nourish themselves in the ways they need.

Neuro-Inclusive Nourishment

The Paradox of Food

Food is paradoxical. It’s necessary for survival, yet can feel like torture. It’s deeply personal, yet everyone around you has an opinion. It’s supposedly simple, and yet it’s often complicated. Food can simultaneously feel fun and connecting, and yet dangerous and isolating. 

For the neurodiverse mind, this paradox is understandably frustrating and overwhelming. Eating “properly” felt like a full time job that I never had enough energy for thanks to sensory issues, executive dysfunction, and the shame of not conforming to the “societal norm.”

Societal Expectations

Because, of course, the media, family, friends, peers and literal strangers, have a lot to say about our food and our bodies. It’s incessant, aggravating, contradicting, and completely unrealistic. It doesn’t take into account your specific history, trauma, medical needs, culture, neurotype, or preferences! 

So let’s opt out of those societal expectations, and figure out what you need together. Without judgment, without coercion, and with lots of empathy, because I’ve lived the struggle too. A nourished body and a peaceful mind are possible.

Licenses and Specialties

  • Neuro-inclusive Nourishment Specialist 

  • Neurodiverse Individual Specialist 

  • Neurodiverse Couples Specialist 

  • Autism & ADHD Assessment Specialist 

  • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 


  • Masters of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy - San Diego State University

  • Post-Baccalaureate Psychological Science Program - University of California, Irvine

  • Juris Doctor - Georgetown University Law Center

  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science - University of California, Los Angeles

Client Focus

  • Neurodiverse women

  • Autistic, ADHD, Highly Sensitive People

  • Neurodiverse clients with eating struggles

  • Neurodiverse couples

Therapy Modalities

In my therapy practice, I use and am trained in the following client-centered modalities as they align with my belief in the significance of emotions, personal narratives, and the mind-body connection in healing and personal growth:

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy 

  • Brainspotting (for Trauma Therapy)

  • Internal Family Systems 

  • Narrative Therapy

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