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Danielle Grossman

Danielle Grossman

Committed to Helping Neurodivergent Clients With Eating

I was dissatisfied with old eating disorder treatment standards

Helping neurodivergent clients with eating has been a focal point of my clinical career. When I began my private practice in 2005, it quickly became apparent that, like many therapists, my training in eating disorders was limited and problematic. Instead of providing compassionate and effective care for clients, mainstream standards of eating disorder treatment involve pathologizing, mislabeling and disempowering those who struggle with eating. While I see the harms of these approaches on most everyone, I have seen them to be especially damaging to neurodivergent folks with eating challenges.

I developed my own approach

So, I embarked on a deep dive into this area that continues through today. 

By listening and learning from my clients and from those who spoke publicly about their  struggles with eating, by exploring every piece of clinical research I could find, and by ongoing consultations with doctors and researchers at the forefront of the eating disorders field, I developed a neuro-inclusive nourishment approach to struggles with eating. 

This approach integrates understandings of the neuroscience/neurobiology of eating, genetic influences, the neuro-different brain as it relates to eating, the impact of marginalization, the impact of trauma and the absolute essential task of listening to each client’s story and needs and developing strategies that work for them as an individual. It’s an approach that is continually evolving.

I’ve now found other clinicians doing this work

Excitingly, I’ve now found other clinicians and coaches doing this work, and we have a group of us here at Eating and Autism Therapy (EAT). 

Whether you know that you or a loved one has an eating disorder/disordered eating or think you or a loved one might have an eating disorder/disordered eating, or if you simply could use some non-judgmental and effective support with food and eating, we are here for you!

Licenses and Specialties

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Neuro-Inclusive Specialist in Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

  • 20 years Experience Working with Individuals and Couples

  • Licensed Clinical Supervisor 

  • Neurodiverse Couples Specialist

  • Neuro-Inclusive Specialist in Behavioral Addictions and Substance Use Disorders 

  • 20 years Clinical Experience in Trauma Informed and Trauma Focused Therapies 

  • Advanced Education in Neuroscience/Neurobiology


  • Bachelor of Arts, Yale University, Ethics, Politics, and Economics, New Haven, CT (magna cum laude) 

  • Master of Arts, California Institute for Integral Studies, Integral Counseling Psychology, San Francisco, CA

Client Focus

  • Neurotypical couples and individuals who seek help with eating and nourishment

  • Individual adults in relationships with neurodivergent partners, parents, siblings or children

  • Neurodivergent individual adults  (Autistic, ADHD, Highly Sensitive)

Life Experience

  • Identify as neurodivergent (HSP, sensory processing differences) 

  • Experience in multiple neurodiverse relationships 

  • Columnist at Sierra Sun and Psych Central

  • Athlete / experience working with competitive athletes

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