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We help you:

  • Understand your own specific needs and wants around food.

  • Find your own personal motivation for changing any problematic eating patterns based on what’s important to you.

  • Develop strategies to nourish yourself that actually work for your own brain and body.

  • Seek and create eating environments that allow you to feel calm enough to eat and enjoy eating. 

  • Increase access to inner and external resources that support your feelings of safety and confidence around eating.

  • Navigate eating when you are dealing with GI issues, other medical issues or medical treatments or medications.

  • Manage negative judgments from others around your eating.

  • We also support you with any issues that affect eating like…

    • Nervous system regulation 

    • Self-esteem 

    • Trauma personal medical, relational, food intergenerational 

    • Athletic performance goals 

    • Career or academic goals

    • Substance use or behavioral addictions

    • Marginalization/oppression  

    • Gender 

    • Self-worth 

    • Generalized anxiety

    • Depression

    • Sexuality 

    • Need for belonging 

    • Relationship issues  

    • Chronic pain, illness or medical crisis

    • Existential fears and anxiety (illness, dying, losses, environmental crises) 




Many couples are affected by eating issues. We help you:
  • Identify the ways that eating issues affect your relationship

  • Increase understanding of these patterns to end shame and blame

  • Determine realistic expectations 

  • Manage practical aspects of eating and mealtimes 

  • Set healthy boundaries 

  • Determine what healthy support looks like in your relationship 

  • Increase direct and compassionate communication

  • Manage issues of comparison or competitiveness 

  • Repair from lies or deception 

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Family Portrait

Parents & Loved Ones


It can be scary and confusing when your child or loved one is struggling with eating. We help you:


  • Understand these eating patterns to end shame and blame 

  • Decide when and how to say something 

  • Decide when and how to intervene 

  • Decide when and how to provide support 

  • Manage the practical aspects of eating and mealtimes 

  • Process any of your own fears or anxiety around food and eating.

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